miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

David Byrne's Drugs

'Drugs - I couldn't handle marijuana...it made me paranoid...and quaaludes and bennies and speed and meth seemed so...you know, chemical...physical...definitely not mind-expanding. Tried Angel Dust once: Chris, Tina, and I, and Tina's brother went to a guy's apartment for dinner...an interior decorator by trade...and he gave us all a puff on this treated cig...well, I could barely walk and I sure didn't wanna eat anymore. Scary stuff...but I guess it's cheaper than dinner for six.

Cocaine...didn't do anything for me the first couple of times. Then I guess it found its brain receptor cells. Everybody was doing it then. The road crew would deal to the band...probably the only way they made a decent living. Everybody'd yak, yak, yak...to anyone at all...instant friendship for a few minutes. It made me simultaneously very talkative and secretive. Kinda like matter-meets-anti-matter. A problem waiting to happen. Too many late nights (it was usually accompanied by drinking) and spaced out days and soon I decided to stop. So other than a couple 'a wild nights, I stopped.

I saw people do funny things. Once, a Hollywood agent came over to the table in a restaurant where Jerry and I were eating...to say hi, I guess. He said hi, told us he represented some mutual friends, and then plonked his head down on the table and fell asleep...out. His girlfriend took him away, but he left a little white packet on the table.

Some friends got into heroin. It was cheaper. I tried it. Too strong. I wasn't exactly gonna get a lot of writing done on that stuff. But I guess it was a mythic drug..."be-bop...hard rock"...hip writers, etc. The French loved the stuff...musta thought it was cool.

Jerry and I got invited to visit the Hollywood producer Julia Phillips once...Jesus H. Christ!...a real Beverly Hills mansion, and she was in the back office looking like a mad scientist...the place was piled with scripts, records, Bunsen-burners, test-tubes, various highly flammable chemicals and books. A sharp cookie with real no-bullshit eyes and ears, but totally out of control. I'm glad none of us got into that stuff.

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